Zibo Chaoxin Ceramics Technology Co.,Ltd.as the new and hi-tech ceramic manufacturer with excellent abilities of technology research,manufacture and distribution, is located in Zibo National New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Shandong Province.
The company mainly produces all kinds of engineering ceramic products, Ceramic Liner(mud pump spare part),Ceramic Plunger(oil pump spare part), Alumina Lining Bricks(ceramic ball mill machine), Wear-Resistant Sleeves,Wear-Resistant Lining Tiles/Mat,ball mill machine, Cyclone and other products, as well as the production of a series of chemical packing balls.
Ceramic ball mill

The zirconia ball has a good roundness, a smooth surface, high brightness,high density, good strength, inertness and hardness.

Good stability, strong acid and alkali resistance.

Excellent toughness compressive strength etc.impact resistance not broken.

minimal wear on equipment, is the best grinding media

Ceramic cylinder cover

Applicable to drilling and mining environment with deep petroleum reservoirs and poor geological structure, as well as offshore oil and gas development。

The service life can reach more than 4,000 hours, and the minimum life can be guaranteed to be more than 2000 hours.

It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, high strength and high hardness.

Can greatly reduce the transportation cost, maintenance cost, labor cost and storage cost of drilling work....

  • Applications: Coal, petroleum, mining, steel plant, power plant and other industries, materials conveying equipment or liquid flow through the pipeline surface wear-resistant materials, the main role is to effectively resist the impact of materials on the
  • Zirconia grinding medium, alumina grinding medium and zirconium silicate grinding medium produced by our company are made of nano-materials and advanced technology in the world They have very high price-performance ratio They are mainly used for ultra-f
  • The oxide ceramic plungers produced by our company are mainly suitable for plunger machinery in petroleum, chemical and food industries, to replace metal plungers, to solve the problems of poor corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and short li
  • High purity alumina packing balls are widely used as low filling materials in hydrocracking units, refining units, catalytic reforming units, isomerization units and demethylation units in petrochemical plants
  • Microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina ceramic tube
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